London Transport Poster: 9 colour wood engravings on polymer by Edwina Ellis

TFL Poster for London Underground
London’s New Architecture by Bus and Tube was designed for London Transport in 1996. Nine colour wood engravings, each from 3 blocks, were collaged together for the poster, which is in the London Transport Museum’s collection. For each print, three acetal resin blocks were engraved and printed together to depict detail from a modern  London building. The work took 18 months. Transport for London gave Edwina permission to hand-print a small edition of the colour engravings  on her Albion press. A few of the 75 sets and some single prints are still available.  See London Prints in Gallery. 

The set of nine prints are in the Prints and Drawings Collection at the Museum of London and also in the print collection at the Ashmolean Museum Oxford. The poster artwork was exhibited in the 2008 London Transport Museum exhibition London Transport Posters: a Century of Art and Design.